Bartolomé Seguí (Palma, Spain, 1962)
Comic book author and illustrator.

I started as professional in 1983; since then my works has appeared in
comic magazines such as El Víbora, Cairo, El Jueves and Madriz.

I've published 15 albums and illustrated numerous children's books,
and since 2004, I draw
(together with the scriptwriter Ferran Aguiló),
the daily strip Vuits i Nous for a balearic newspaper.

The book The blind snakes wroten by Felipe H. Cava, made us worthy
of the National Comic Award in Spain in 2009. Histories of the Neighborhood
(script by Gabi Beltrán) wons the best scritp
award at Lucca Festival.

At present, I work with Hernán Migoya (scripts), on the adaptation
to comic of the novels of the famous detective Pepe Carvalho created by
Manuel Vázquez Montalbán: Tattoo (2017), and The loneliness of the manager
(2019), both already published in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.


Carvalho. La soledad del manager. Script by Hernán Migoya. 2019
Spain (Norma), France (Dargaud), Portugal (Levoir), Italy (Tunué)

Carvalho. Tatuaje.
Script by Hernán Migoya. Norma, 2017
Spain (Norma), France (Dargaud), Portugal (Levoir), Italy (Tunué)

Historias del barrio. Caminos.
Script by Gabi Beltrán. 2014
Spain (Astiberri), France (Gallimard BD), Portugal (Levoir), Italy (Tunué),
Sweden (Galago)

Las oscuras manos del olvido.
Script by Felipe H.Cava. 2014
Spain (Norma), France (Dargaud)

Hágase el caos. UMBRA.
Script by Felipe H.Cava. 2012
Spain (Norma), France (Dargaud)

Historias del barrio.
Script by Gabi Beltrán. 2011
Spain (Astiberri), France (Gallimard BD), Portugal (Levoir), Italy (Tunué),
Sweden (Galago)

Hágase el caos. LUX.
Script by Felipe H.Cava. 2011
Spain (Norma), France (Dargaud)

Las serpientes ciegas.
Script by Felipe H.Cava. 2008
Spain (Norma), France (Dargaud), Italy (Tunué)

El Sueño de México.
Script by Ramón de España. Edicions de Ponent, 2004

¿Coca o Ensaimada?. Edicions de Ponent, 2003

Cohibas Connection.
Script by Carles Santamaria. Edicions de Ponent, 2001

Locus de Barna. El pregonero, 1996

Luigi es Luis. Milán, 1991

Lola y Ernesto. Ediciones La cúpula, 1990

A salto de mata. Editorial Complot, 1989